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July 23, 2023/

Geological Fieldwork Geology is the study of the Earth, its composition, and the processes that have shaped it over time. As geologists, fieldwork is a critical part of our profession. Geological fieldwork involves observing, measuring, and collecting data in the natural environment. It is an essential component of geological research…


June 30, 2023/

Introduction:  Prof. Dr. Mona Lisa, Department of Earth Sciences, Quaid-I-Azam University, is a prominent figure in Geophysics, mainly known for her remarkable contributions to Earthquake Seismology. Her distinguished career and extensive research have earned her numerous honors, awards, and recognition in the scientific community. Honors and Awards:  Throughout her career,…


February 26, 2023/

Groundwater Exploration Groundwater survey methods are essential for the efficient and sustainably managing groundwater resources. Groundwater surveys help identify groundwater resources’ location, quantity, quality, and sustainability. These surveys utilize various techniques and methods to map and explore subsurface water resources. Resistivity Survey One of the widely used methods for groundwater…

3 reasons why there are better careers than geology

February 7, 2023/

There are far more lucrative careers in Pakistan than Geology. Geology is not the best career choice for Pakistan. There are far more lucrative careers in Pakistan. Many other professions, such as engineering and medicine, are more lucrative than geology. If you want to be successful financially, there are better…

Future of Fossil Fuel in Pakistan

January 19, 2023/

Future of Fossil Fuel in Pakistan Introduction of Oil and Gas Reserves in Pakistan and the Future of Fossil Fuel energy Pakistan has immense potential for the development of fossil fuel energy. It has a large share of proven oil and gas reserves and huge coal deposits. However, due to…

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