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January 19, 2023/

Oil and Gas Reserves in Pakistan and the Future of Fossil Fuel energy Introduction Pakistan has immense potential for the development of fossil fuel energy. It has a large share of proven oil and gas reserves and huge coal deposits. However, due to the depleting nature of these resources, Pakistan…

Mineral resources of Pakistan

January 19, 2023/

Mineral resources of Pakistan Introduction Pakistan is a country rich in mineral resources. It is estimated that Pakistan has an average of 3500 million tons of copper ore deposits, 50 million tons of chromite ore deposits, 3000 million tons of iron ore deposits and 1100 million tons of manganese ore…


June 1, 2022/

Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our time. Its impacts are already being felt and will worsen without urgent action to reduce emissions. Pakistan, a country with more than 200 million people and one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, is highly vulnerable to climate change. The…

A story of Gastropods Fossils

June 1, 2022/

Gastropods are a type of mollusk, which means that they’re part of the phylum Mollusca. They are characterized by having a single shell, and an internal body cavity called a mantle, which usually has gills attached to it. They also have tentacles at the ends of their bodies, which they…

Types of Rocks on Earth

June 1, 2022/

Types of Rocks on Earth Introduction Earth is made up of three types of rocks. Rocks are formed when Earth’s crust cools down and hardens into solid rock. The type of rock depends on what the molten material was made from, how much pressure it was under while cooling down…

October 13, 2021/

how to prepare rock thin sections for sedimentology? Introduction The microscope is commonly used in sedimentology to analyse textures in rocks, minerals and fossils. It is most commonly used to make thin sections of rocks, although other preparation methods, such as impregnating a polished block with resin, are also available.…

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