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February 26, 2023/

Groundwater Exploration Groundwater survey methods are essential for the efficient and sustainably managing groundwater resources. Groundwater surveys help identify groundwater resources’ location, quantity, quality, and sustainability. These surveys utilize various techniques and methods to map and explore subsurface water resources. Resistivity Survey One of the widely used methods for groundwater…

3 reasons why there are better careers than geology

February 7, 2023/

3 reasons why there are better careers than geology in Pakistan? There are far more lucrative careers in Pakistan. Geology is not the best career choice for Pakistan. There are far more lucrative careers in Pakistan. Many other professions, such as engineering and medicine, are more lucrative than geology. If…

Future of Fossil Fuel in Pakistan

January 19, 2023/

Future of Fossil Fuel in Pakistan Introduction of Oil and Gas Reserves in Pakistan and the Future of Fossil Fuel energy Pakistan has immense potential for the development of fossil fuel energy. It has a large share of proven oil and gas reserves and huge coal deposits. However, due to…

Mineral resources of Pakistan

January 19, 2023/

Mineral resources of Pakistan Introduction Pakistan is a country rich in mineral resources. It is estimated that Pakistan has an average of 3500 million tons of copper ore deposits, 50 million tons of chromite ore deposits, 3000 million tons of iron ore deposits and 1100 million tons of manganese ore…

Natural Disasters in Pakistan and Their Management

January 19, 2023/

Natural Disasters in Pakistan and Their Management Introduction Natural disasters are those events which occur because of extreme weather or some other natural causes. In Pakistan, many natural disasters have occurred and continue to happen yearly. These include floods, landslides, glacier lake outbursts (GLOFs), earthquakes, etc. A massive landslide which…

Climate change and its future implications in Pakistan

June 1, 2022/

Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our time. Its impacts are already felt and will worsen without urgent action to reduce emissions. Pakistan, a country with over 200 million people and one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, is highly vulnerable to climate change. The impacts on…

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