Future of Fossil Fuel in Pakistan

Future of Fossil Fuel in Pakistan

Introduction of Oil and Gas Reserves in Pakistan and the Future of Fossil Fuel energy

Pakistan has immense potential for the development of fossil fuel energy. It has a large share of proven oil and gas reserves and huge coal deposits. However, due to the depleting nature of these resources, Pakistan should look towards renewable sources such as hydropower and solar power.

Oil and Gas Reserves in Pakistan

Current oil and gas reserves in Pakistan are estimated at over 6 billion barrels, which is enough to meet the country’s needs for many years. However, due to the complications faced by the government in managing this resource, there have been questions about whether these reserves will be exploited.

While it is true that there are issues surrounding how much of these resources should be developed, it is also important to note that many companies have expressed interest in exploring and developing new fields within the country.

Fossil Fuel in Pakistan
Fossil Fuel in Pakistan

Future of Fossil Fuel energy in Pakistan

Fossil fuels are not sustainable. The world is slowly but surely moving to renewable energy, and by the time we realize it, it will be too late. Renewable energy sources can be used for electricity generation in many ways, including solar power, wind power and hydroelectricity. Nuclear power is not a viable option because of its high cost compared to other forms of renewable energy.

In Pakistan alone, there are over 300 million people who do not have access to electricity; this means they cannot use any kind of technology that requires electricity, such as computers or TVs or even cell phones! Imagine how deprived our lives would be if we were born into those conditions. What if someday someone develops a cure for cancer using radiation therapy given through nuclear fission? Would these people ever get treated without access to nuclear technology? No! We need to invest in renewable sources now so that future generations won’t suffer from lack of development due to lack of access to such services available today like healthcare facilities, etc

It is time for renewable energy.

It is time to move towards renewable energy. It’s cheap, more sustainable and more efficient than fossil fuel. In the past years, much attention has been paid to increasing the use of clean energy sources in Pakistan. However, despite this focus from both the public and private sectors, there are still many challenges ahead for those who wish to see Pakistan transition into a low-carbon economy.

Although we have made some progress so far (e.g., with solar street lights), there has been no comprehensive plan put forward by either private or public sectors to enable us to achieve our climate change goals by 2030 as per Paris Agreement.


The future of the energy supply in Pakistan is bright. The government is taking steps to make the country more energy efficient, and it has started exploring alternative power sources. With increased investment and government support, renewable sources can contribute to Pakistan’s energy sector.

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