Prof. Dr. Mona Lisa: An Esteemed and Distinguished Geophysicist of Pakistan.


Prof. Dr. Mona Lisa, Department of Earth Sciences, Quaid-I-Azam University, is a prominent figure in Geophysics, mainly known for her remarkable contributions to Earthquake Seismology. Her distinguished career and extensive research have earned her numerous honors, awards, and recognition in the scientific community.

Honors and Awards: 

Throughout her career, Prof. Dr. Mona Lisa has received several prestigious honors and awards, highlighting her exceptional achievements in Geophysics. In 2009, she was awarded the Gold Medal by the Pakistan Academy of Sciences, acknowledging her outstanding contributions to the scientific community. Additionally, she was ranked as the “7th best Geoscientist in Pakistan” in 2007, reflecting her eminence in the field.

Prof. Dr. Mona Lisa holds a unique position as the foremost expert in Focal Mechanism analysis within Pakistan. Focal mechanisms provide essential insights into the source characteristics of earthquakes, including the orientation of fault planes and the type of faulting involved. As the only expert in this specialized field within the country, Prof. Dr. Mona Lisa’s expertise is highly sought and invaluable for seismic studies and hazard assessments. 

As Pakistan’s sole focal mechanism expert, She is vital in disseminating her knowledge and collaborating with other researchers, seismologists, and geoscientists. Fellow scientists, government agencies, and organizations involved in earthquake research and mitigation efforts frequently seek her expertise. Through her knowledge and collaborations, she contributes to the overall understanding of seismic hazards in Pakistan and helps ensure the safety and resilience of communities in earthquake-prone areas.

Significant Contributions: 

Prof. Dr. Mona Lisa’s research in Earthquake Seismology has been highly influential. Her pioneering work in this area was featured in the renowned journal “Nature” through an article titled “Portrait of the Seismologist as a young woman” in March 2006. This recognition showcased the importance of her research and its impact on understanding seismic activity.

Moreover, Prof. Dr. Mona Lisa holds the distinction of being the first individual to obtain a Ph.D. in Earthquake Seismology in Pakistan. Her doctoral thesis, completed in 2005, formed the basis for Pakistan’s first comprehensive building code, formulated by the Pakistan Engineering Council in 2007. This code has been instrumental in enhancing seismic safety and preparedness in the country.

Professional Memberships: 

She has been a Pakistan Academy of Sciences member since 2009 and is associated with Oman’s Middle East Seismic Forum (MESF). Additionally, she was selected as the “Foreign Affiliate Member” of the Incorporated Research Institution for Seismology (IRIS) in Washington DC, USA, from Pakistan and India, strengthening her international collaborations.

Research and Editorial Contributions: 

Prof. Dr. Mona Lisa’s research has been instrumental in advancing the field of Geophysics. She has contributed to various book chapters, including “Recent seismic activity in the NW Himalayan Fold-and-Thrust Belt, Pakistan: Focal mechanism solution and tectonic implications.” Her involvement in organizing and convening international seminars and conferences has facilitated knowledge exchange and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Supervision and Mentorship: 

Her commitment to nurturing young talent is evident through her supervision of several research projects and students at different academic levels. Her mentorship has played a vital role in shaping Pakistan’s next generation of geophysicists.


Her exceptional contributions to Geophysics, particularly Earthquake Seismology, have earned her widespread recognition and admiration. Her research, awards, and dedication to scientific exploration have enhanced Pakistan’s standing in the scientific community and inspired and motivated aspiring geophysicists. Her legacy as a distinguished geophysicist will continue to influence the discipline and contribute to a better understanding our planet’s seismic behavior.

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