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International Research Center For Earth Environment & Water (ICEE) is a certified institute of Science & Technology aims to conduct research and development in Earth, Environment, Water & Energy.

oil and gas

Geo-solutions for Exploration

Geological solutions for the oil and gas industry. Specializing in geology, rock physics, micro-analysis, 3D visualizations and core studies.


Research For Life

Research for Life

ICEE is the first independent scientific institution that conducts free and fair research in the field of Science.


Offering full range of services to  small and large business enterprises.

Solutions for All

Consultation is Free

Think Tank

ICEE is the first scientific think tank in Pakistan.

Scientific Policies

Scientific policies for the country's development with the main focus on Earth, Environment, Water & Energy.

Our Activities

Advanced Solutions for Science & Technology

To conduct Research for Life.

Training and Development.

Empowerment programs for everyone.

Training in both online & offline modes.

Consultancy in Geology & Geophysics.

About Us

Welcome to ICEE - your first and best source for Geology Solutions for Natural Resources Exploration.The perfect choice for you.

vision of ICEE

Insightful and Actionable

ICEE offers a comprehensive range of geology services for the energy industry.

Our Services

What We Offer


We are providing professional advice and support for selecting the best crop varieties that could give more yield.


Get the best yield from your agricultural land.

Soil Survey

Drip Irrigation

Soil Quality Testing

Solar Energy Solutions


ICEE provides products and services that help in saving our resources from being abused, thereby allowing us to preserve this earth for present and future generations.


ICEE is an environmental protection enterprise integrating scientific research and making environmental protection laws and Policies

Climate Change

The Climate Change information and tool provide essential data to make informed decisions.

Climate Change

We offer Climate Change Advisory, Reporting and Climate data analysis services. This high-quality service allows you to learn the latest big data analysis, training and synthesis capabilities. 

Food Security

ICEE is a Food Security Solution Provider; that helps to grow your business, values and opportunities by improving farm yields.

Food Security

Enhance food security and economic well-being of individuals and communities through increased crop productivity.

Disaster Management

We provide geospatial and geo-informatics services to protect lives, property, environment and infrastructure through integrated mapping, modelling, data analysis & reporting.

Disaster Management

DRR solutions to manage disasters sustainably.



Landslides and



Geological Solutions offers a wide range of geological consulting, mapping and surveying services, including subsurface exploration and Geo-data analysis.


Sedimentology & Paleontology

Stratigraphy & Palynology

Petroleum Geoscience

Maps, Logs and 3D-Models


Geophysics Solutions include seismic and non-seismic investigations for geophysical exploration, mineral exploration, site characterization, research and development and exploration.


  1. GeoX-Solutions builds subsurface models to help you make informed decisions about your reservoir
  2. Resistivity Surveys for Groundwater Exploration

Remote Sensing & GIS

Geographic Information systems (GIS) solutions provider to the global minerals, mining, oil and gas industries. We offer a range of innovative solutions that empower our clients to work smarter, not harder.

Remote Sensing & GIS

We are experts in the remote sensing and interpretation of airborne, ground-based and satellite imagery,  high-quality geological maps.

Hydrocarbon Exploration

Geological Solutions for Oil & Gas Industry. We deliver local knowledge and expertise in the exploration and development of Oil, Gas and Geothermal wells.

Hydrocarbon Exploration

Industry Leading Solutions for Well Logging, Geological & Petrophysics Data, Sedimentology & GIS Solutions.


Provide you with all kinds of web solutions, design and development at affordable prices whether you want to extend your existing WordPress website or create a new one for yourself.


Choose from one of our predesigned websites, or hire us to create a new site from scratch. 


ICEE is a mineral exploration and mapping solution. We provide the latest technological solutions and services to the mining exploration and mapping industries.


provides end-to-end mapping solutions for mineral exploration and development, E&P and mining companies including field mapping, airborne geophysical surveys.

Water Resources

ICEE provides the best Water Resource Management solutions and practices using data, conservation awareness and field surveys to improve water resource reserves.

Water Resources

Drilling boreholes

Resistivity Survey for GW exploration

Water Quality

Rainwater Harvesting Solutions

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Climate Change effects Birds Migration

October 12, 2021

Climate Change gravely influencing birds relocation The outcomes are conceivably hazardous. Birds migration is a consistent seasonal phenomenon. Flying creatures move looking for food, territory and good season. Verifiably, movement has been…

water conservation in Pakistan

October 12, 2021

Water Conservation Practices Introduction Water is a precious resource, and it is essential to conserve and save as much of it as possible. But how do you get your community involved in…

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International Research Center For Earth Environment & Water (ICEE) is a certified institute of Science & Technology that aims to conduct research and development on Earth, Environment, Water & Energy.

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