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International Research Center For Earth Environment & Water (ICEE) is a certified institute of Science & Technology aims to conduct research and development in Earth, Environment, Water & Energy.

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Exploring the Earth, Protecting the Environment, Preserving Water

Advance Solutions for Science & Technology

At the International Research Center For Earth Environment & Water (ICEE), we are dedicated to conducting cutting-edge research and development in the fields of Earth, Environment, Water, and Energy. Our team of experts is committed to exploring innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by our planet.

consultation of Geology


 We work closely with scientists to foster knowledge exchange and develop sustainable solutions for the Earth

Scientific think tank of Pakistan

Think Tank

Scientific policies for the country's development with the main focus on Earth, Environment, Water & Energy.


Geo Information

Offering wide range of Geo-database & multidisciplinary data analysis

research geology


Offering full range of services to  small and large business enterprises.

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Research For Life

ICEE is the first independent scientific institution that conducts free and fair research in the field of Science.

Advancing Science for a Sustainable Future

Join us in our mission to create a better world through innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology.


Geological Survey & Mapping

Geotechnical Investigation

Mineral Exploration

Natural Hazard Assessment

Water Resources

Study groundwater system to assess the quantity and quality of water resources

Aquifer testing and groundwater modeling for sustainable water management

Provide solutions for water resource development and conservation

Climate Change

GIS & Remote Sensing Climate modeling

Environmental impact assessment (EIA)

Solutions for sustainable practices & regulatory compliance

Provide insights for minimizing the carbon footprint 

Our Expertise

Explore our expertise in understanding and utilizing Earth’s resources.

water resources in Pakistan


ICEE's hydrogeological expertise ensures sustainable water management and resource exploration.

mining in Pakistan


ICEE unlocks the mineral potential for responsible extraction and innovative applications.


Remote Sensing

Remote sensing solutions map your challenges and opportunities, paving the way for informed decision-making.



ICEE supports responsible hydrocarbon development that prioritizes environmental protection and invests in renewable energy transitions.



Environmental consultancy offers expert guidance on impact assessments, mitigation strategies, and sustainable development pathways

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Explore the latest research and development in Earth, Environment, Water & Energy sectors.

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