3 reasons why geology is not the best career in Pakistan?

There are far more lucrative careers in Pakistan than Geology.

Geology is not the best career choice for Pakistan. There are far more lucrative careers in Pakistan. Many other professions, such as engineering and medicine, are more lucrative than geology. If you want to be successful financially, there are better choices than geology!

Geology can be a complex field for female students.

Geology is one of the most challenging fields to study. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication, but it also requires intelligence and creativity. Unfortunately, women are underrepresented in geology at all levels: they are less likely to pursue this field as a career than men or even other science-related professions like chemistry or biology; when they do enter the industry for geology-related jobs, there are fewer opportunities available for them (this was especially true during my undergraduate years); if you do manage to get hired into academia or government positions, these tend to be lower paid positions than ones held by your male counterparts since fewer people apply for these positions than those held by males.

3 reasons why there are better careers than geology
Geology Career Jobs

Geology is more technical than you think.

You might be surprised to learn that geology is not a technical field. There are some technical aspects of geology, but they differ from what makes it an exciting career path. Geologists study rocks and minerals, which can be found in many different places on Earth—from mountains to rivers to oceans. They also explore how these materials change over time through weathering or erosion.

Geology has no work experience required to get a job.

If you are interested in geology, you must understand the differences between a career and a job. A career is something you do for fun or because your parents have told you it makes sense. An appointment is different: a career requires experience and training, but once this has been obtained, there are no natural barriers to entering the workforce and making money from your work.

Geologists generally find themselves working under contracts with universities or research institutions who want their expertise on specific subjects such as oil reserves or coal deposits; however, these jobs often require long-term commitments, which means they don’t offer any flexibility when it comes time for finding another job after completing them (i.e., if your contract ends then so does all hope for future employment). Get into another, better career if you want to pursue science.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in geology, I’d like to give you some advice. Could you not do it?

Now, if you’re still thinking about going into geology and reading this article doesn’t change your mind, let me explain why it’s not a good idea. There are far more lucrative careers in Pakistan than geology—and they don’t require any scientific training! You may think these careers are not as exciting or challenging as being an engineer or doctor, but they involve the same work and dedication required by those fields (though they pay much better).

If you want a job where hard work pays off, then go ahead and take up one of these other fields first before considering going into geology later on down the road because, once again: there is no guarantee that anything will happen during college years either way so why bother investing time/money when there’s no guaranteed success will follow?


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