Natural Disasters in Pakistan and Their Management

Natural Disasters in Pakistan and Their Management


Natural disasters are those events which occur because of extreme weather or some other natural causes. In Pakistan, many natural disasters have occurred and continue to happen yearly. These include floods, landslides, glacier lake outbursts (GLOFs), earthquakes, etc. A massive landslide which buried an entire village called Attabad in Hunza Valley in 2010 caused one of the worst natural disasters in Pakistan. Heavy rains caused this landslide; most of the people who lived there died, while others were displaced from their homes forever! Even after 10 years since then, survivors are still living in tents with no access to basic facilities like electricity or clean water supply.

The reason which causes natural disasters are not limited to human activities; extreme weather conditions also cause them. However, some factors contribute to the occurrence of natural disasters in Pakistan.

Natural disasters are not limited to human activities; extreme weather conditions also cause them. However, some factors contribute to the occurrence of natural disasters in Pakistan.There are several reasons for natural disasters; some of them are:

  • Climate change
  • Human activity
  • Extreme weather


Earthquakes, heavy rainfall or human activities such as deforestation and mining often cause landslides. They can be very destructive, causing loss of life and property damage on a large scale. Landslide prevention is essential because no one knows when a landslide will occur in their community. Therefore, people must know what to do if they feel unsafe at home after an earthquake or heavy rainfall.


Floods are a natural phenomenon affecting almost any part of the world. The causes of floods are heavy rain, which leads to higher-than-normal water levels in rivers and lakes. Sometimes, these floods can be man-made as well; for example, deforestation or construction work can erode, which leads to excessive flooding. Floods can also occur because of human activities like mining or dam building. Floods cause severe damage to homes & property, but fortunately, there are ways by which you may control them so as not to suffer any losses yourself:

Avoid storing items on your roof or balcony–this is especially important if your house has flat roofs because they will inevitably be damaged when lousy weather approaches!

Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF)

GLOFs are a natural phenomenon that occurs when the ice-covered lake beneath a glacier melts, and the water flows down the slope of the mountain. This can cause flooding in an area downstream, often leading to property damage and loss of life.

GLOFs can be classified into two types: sudden and gradual. Sudden GLOFs occur suddenly without any warning signs because they result from the rapid melting of snow or ice, heavy rainfall, or humidity inside the mountain valley. Gradual GLOFs develop over time due to gradual heat absorption caused by global warming, which gradually weakens permafrost layers within glaciers and causes them to destabilize over time, potentially causing catastrophic events like floods and affecting agriculture production Pakistan’s northwestern areas where most glaciers are located.


Earthquakes result from the movement of tectonic plates. These plates are made up of Earth’s crust and upper mantle, and they experience stress due to their movement over one another. The rate at which they move determines how much pressure they experience, which can lead to seismic activity such as earthquakes. Most earthquakes occur along fault lines—places where different parts of a tectonic plate collide or move past one another. Earthquakes can also occur when there is no specific fault line but because an area has been experiencing rapid uplift or subsidence for an extended period (compaction).

In 2010, a massive landslide buried the whole village of Attabad in Hunza Valley. Most of the people of this village died, and the survivors were displaced. This is one of the worst natural disasters in Pakistan. Heavy rains caused this landslide. The surviving people had to travel long distances to other areas via boats. Even after a decade, those displaced people still live in tents without access to basic facilities.

Landslides are natural disasters caused by heavy rains and snowfall in mountainous areas. Landslides can cause the destruction of property, loss of life and injury to people. A landslide occurs when an area of land suddenly breaks away from its position and slides down the slope, carrying with it any trees or buildings that may be on top of it. When this happens, it is called a slip or slide.


Earthquakes are one of the worst natural disasters in Pakistan. The earthquake in 2005 was one of the worst, affecting thousands of people and killing many others. The government did not do any work to rebuild this city after another earthquake destroyed it in 2013. Human activities are increasing yearly, affecting our environment negatively, so we must know it and take action before it’s too late!

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