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Climate Change effects on Groundwater

July 4, 2023/

Introduction:  Pakistan, located in South Asia, is prone to recurrent flooding due to its unique geographic and climatic characteristics. These floods pose significant challenges to the country, resulting in loss of life, infrastructure damage, and adverse economic impacts. However, advancements in remote sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies have…


February 26, 2023/

Groundwater Exploration Groundwater survey methods are essential for the efficient and sustainably managing groundwater resources. Groundwater surveys help identify groundwater resources’ location, quantity, quality, and sustainability. These surveys utilize various techniques and methods to map and explore subsurface water resources. Resistivity Survey One of the widely used methods for groundwater…

water scarcity

June 1, 2022/

Water Crises in Baluchistan Introduction Pakistan is facing a water crisis in Baluchistan, one of its largest provinces by area. The province comprises 20% of Pakistan’s total land area and 70% of its mineral resources, including precious gold and silver. However, it is also one of the country’s most disadvantaged…

Climate Change effects on Groundwater

June 1, 2022/

Climate Change effects on Groundwater Introduction Climate change is a natural and severe threat to our environment. It has already resulted in global warming, which is causing sea levels to rise as well as changing weather patterns across the globe. But did you know that climate change can also affect…

water resources

October 13, 2021/

Water Resources Management in Pakistan Introduction Water is a precondition for socioeconomic development and poverty reduction. It has become a crisis that must be addressed alongside food security and climate change. The government and other stakeholders must adopt a national water security policy proactively. Introduction Water is a precondition for…

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