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January 19, 2023/

Introduction Natural disasters are those events which occur because of extreme weather or some other natural causes. In Pakistan, many natural disasters have occurred and continue to happen yearly. These include floods, landslides, glacier lake outburst floods (GLOFs), earthquakes, etc. A massive landslide which buried an entire village called Attabad…


June 1, 2022/

Climate change will adversely affect Pakistan’s Economy Climate change is a global phenomenon that threatens the well-being of people and ecosystems, and human activities cause it. As a result, we are seeing more extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and changing disease patterns, among other impacts. Climate change will adversely…

Water Crises in Baluchistan

June 1, 2022/

Water Crises in Baluchistan Introduction Pakistan is facing a water crisis in Baluchistan, one of its largest provinces by area. The province comprises 20% of Pakistan’s total land area and 70% of its mineral resources, including precious metals such as gold and silver. However, it is also one of the…

Climate Change effects on Groundwater

June 1, 2022/

Climate Change effects on Groundwater Introduction Climate change is a natural and severe threat to our environment. It has already resulted in global warming, which is causing sea levels to rise as well as changing weather patterns across the globe. But did you know that climate change can also affect…

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