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February 26, 2023/

Groundwater Exploration Groundwater survey methods are essential for the efficient and sustainably managing groundwater resources. Groundwater surveys help identify groundwater resources’ location, quantity, quality, and sustainability. These surveys utilize various techniques and methods to map and explore subsurface water resources. Resistivity Survey One of the widely used methods for groundwater…

deforestation in Pakistan

February 20, 2023/

Deforestation in Pakistan Deforestation is a problem that affects the environment in Pakistan. It has adverse effects on the climate, which in turn causes more deforestation. The causes of deforestation are many and varied. In Pakistan, most deforestation is caused by small-scale farmers clearing trees for agriculture. These farmers tend…

Climate Change Effects on Agriculture Yield in Pakistan: An Overview

February 7, 2023/

Agriculture in Pakistan Climate Change Effects on Agriculture Yield in Pakistan are devastating. Pakistan is an agriculture-based country. However, the agriculture sector faces a significant challenge due to climate change. Climate change affects the agriculture sector by affecting temperature and precipitation patterns, increasing the frequency of extreme weather events, and…

water resources

October 13, 2021/

Water Resources Management in Pakistan Introduction Water is a precondition for socioeconomic development and poverty reduction. It has become a crisis that must be addressed alongside food security and climate change. The government and other stakeholders must adopt a national water security policy proactively. Introduction Water is a precondition for…

water resources

October 12, 2021/

Water Conservation Practices Introduction Water is a precious resource, and it is essential to conserve and save as much of it as possible. But how do you get your community involved in conservation practices? Here are some water conservation ideas: Ecosystem Management Ecosystem management is an essential aspect of water…

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