Institute of Geology is a true Gem of Pakistan

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Institute of Geology, University of the Punjab, Lahore.


The Department of Geology is the oldest seat, offering a geology course after college. level since 1951. It was discontinued in 1953 after the completion of only one batch of students. In 1952 the Punjab University opened an independent Department of Mineralogy under a UNESCO-Pakistan Government collaboration program. In January 1954, the department was reconstituted as the Department of Geology and Mineralogy. Later, in 1979 the Department was elevated to the status of an Institute.

Faculty Members

The institute has well-renowned geologists as permanent faculty members. These include one Professor-Emeritus, Three full professors, Three Associate professors, ten assistant professors, and four lecturers. Among all members, some of the international faculty members have completed their education in England, Australia, China, Korea, and Germany. Thereby, producing a well-rich and diversified work environment providing top-level experience to the students at the institute.

Major Programs

Following are the major programs currently offered by the Institute of Geology.

  1.             BS Applied Geology (Annual)
  2.             BS Applied Geology (Semester)
  3.             MPhil Applied Geology (Semester)
  4.             MPhil Applied Geology (Annual Old Scheme)
  5.             Ph.D. Applied Geology (Semester)

Taught Courses

37 different courses are being taught at the BS level (4-year program), in the Institute of Geology. However, MPhil Applied Geology has a Duration of 2 Years in which one year of Course Work of 24 credit hours and a Thesis Work of 6 credit hours is included. The doctoral program of the institute has 18 credit hours requirements and the following specializations have been offered by the institute.

  • Ph.D. Applied Geology (Petroleum & Structural Geology)
  • Ph.D. Applied Geology (Economic Geology)
  • Ph.D. Applied Geology (Hydrogeology)
  • Ph.D. Applied Geology (Stratigraphy & Micropaleontology)
  • Ph.D. Applied Geology (Engineering Geology)
  • Ph.D. Applied Geology (Geophysics)

Research Laboratories

According to the department, the following research labs are established at the Institute of Geology.

Division of Petroleum Geology:

  1. Structural Geology/ Paleomagnetism Lab
  2. Sedimentology Lab
  3. Historical Geology/ Micropaleontology Lab
  4. Advance Stratigraphy Lab
  5. Earth Imaging & Modelling Lab
  6. Mapping & Survey
  7. Geological Museum

Division of Economic Geology:

  1. Thin section cutting & polishing Workshop
  2. Petrography Lab
  3. Mineralogy Lab
  4. Industrial Mineralogy Lab
  5. XRF-XRD Lab
  6. Chemistry Lab

Division of Applied Geosciences:

  1. Engineering Geology
  2. Geophysics Lab
  3. Computer Lab






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