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by World Resources Institute WRI

The World has struck drastic Water scarcity?
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Aqueduct's global water risk mapping tool helps companies, investors, governments, and other users understand where and how water risks and opportunities are emerging worldwide.

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Sep 22, 2018 by Faizan Sabir Tahir Kheli

GRACE has solved the issue of Trans-boundary Resources
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In this study, we use observations from the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellite mission to evaluate freshwater storage trends in the shared Indus Basin

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Jun 9, 2018 by Member ICEE

What's The Future Of Migratory Doves?
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Fundamentally, Pakistan serves as central Asian flying route and as habitat for about One Million migratory birds arriving from Siberia.

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ICEE is a certified institute for Science & Technology, mandated to initiate, manage, coordinate and promote research on all aspects of Earth and Environment. The ICEE conducts its mission through applied research, education, capacity building, and by providing forecasts and information products with an emphasis on practical and verifiable utility and public partnership.

ICEE is fostered to support, co-ordinate and boost research activities in the field of earth science and on all the resources mandatory for the existence of mankind. To wisely use earth resources like water, energy, food etc and to help achieve resource conservation and sustainable earth environment.

Studying Earth is fascinating because we are living on it —and to ascertain that it continues to be a risk-free place, it is imperative to study its science. ICEE stood up to conduct a research on dynamic earth because there is a lot in it yet to be discover : 

I. We depend upon Earth, because it provides valuable resources such as soil, water, minerals, and energy, and we still need to know how to explore and exploit them in proper manner.

II. We can study rocks and the fossils for understanding the evolution of our environment and the life within it.

III. We can help managing resources like water in order to strengthen our Agriculture sector, which results in food security and raw materials for industries.

IV. We can learn to mitigate our risks from quakes, landslides, droughts and devastating floods.

V. We can initiate water quality studies, in the areas of Pakistan by developing plans for the provision for safe drinking water to the public.

VI. We can learn, natural and human-caused Earth’s climate changing patterns in the past and predicts it future scenario. Identification and prevention to avoid more severe damages in the future.

A. Carry-out, support, and coordinate research on all aspects of earth sciences such as geology, water resources, agriculture, renewable energy, disaster management, Oil and Gas resource exploitation, mining, climate change, air pollution, waste management, environmental degradation and to build research labs, if required.

B. To act as an advisory body for the government and international donors. Help in recommending policy decisions for promoting, exploring, managing, conserving and optimal consumption of earth resource potential.

C. Online Geo-database system development in Pakistan, which figure out the requirements for planning, implementing agencies and educational institutes.

D. Developing water resource management strategies for the use in Agriculture, Industrial and domestic sectors. Waste water management, its recycling and effluent discharges are in its scope also.

E. Uplifting its research and development activities by selling ICEE products e.g patents, policy notes, evaluation reports, research studies, and field services.

F. Seeking research projects at National and International level and providing consultancy services to the both private and public sector. 

G. Establish a connection between research students and professionals by bridging the gap between universities and related national and international research and development organizations,